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Program on Public Life (40342)

  • Date Deposited: 2010-11-19
  • Date Created: 2010-10-08

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The Program on Public Life works to enable the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to serve the people of the state and region by informing the public agenda and nurturing leadership. Established in 1997 and now residing in the Center for the Study of the American South, the Program serves as a vehicle for the university to exercise its scholarly strength, civic tradition and historic mission of public service in North Carolina and the South. Our goals are to provide research brokerage so that the work of scholars at UNC-Chapel Hill and other institutions contributes to the work of elected officials, journalists and civic leaders; to serve North Carolina and the South by supporting and fostering enlightened leadership; and to offer a gathering place for leaders in political and civic life and in the news media to engage in substantive debate along with periods of study and reflection. Our current projects include an annual Leadership Seminar for Southern Legislators, a once-a-semester Journalists Roundtable, a Carolina Seminar on School Improvement, evening discussion sessions for North Carolina legislators, and working roundtables on such topics as coastal development and business innovation and entrepreneurship.

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