Album 024. Eastern Front : North Africa, undated

Subjects include "territorial troops," French officers and soldiers, sheiks, African horsemen and troops, Zouaves, Algerian gunners, interned civilians including artisans, English troops, Senegalese troops, "colonial soldier," "natives of Madagascar," "beggar," "A typical Moor," Senegalese soldier with a Cross of War, factory, artillery camp, temporary and country hospitals, refugee camp, mosque, recruiting station, oasis, battery, camp kitchen, street scene, Institut Pasteur de Tunis, trenches, internment camp including an artists' room, market, "colonial camp," salt basins, camp "in the Orient," cantonment, camel caravan, factory construction, obtaining of a smallpox vaccine, trepanning of a rabbit, digging of ditches, decoration of Algerians soldiers, Turkish burial, vaccinations for cholera and typhoid, fĂȘte, Bulgarian cemetery, Muslims at prayer, tents, and a "Mussulman Cemetery." Places depicted include: Algiers (Algeria) , Casablanca (Morocco), Fez (Morocco : Province), Kavadarci (Macedonia), Oran (Algeria), Syria, and Tunisia.

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