Album 016. Prisoners, undated

Subjects include German prisoners including officers and an aviator, wounded prisoners, "prisoners taken at Combles," "prisoners taken before Verdun," "prisoners taken on the Hartman-Alsace," Bulgarian prisoners, Turk prisoners including officers, Prussian baron, "Turkish civil prisoners," "Austrian-German civilians interne camp," prison camp orchestra, prison tavern, prison library, concentration camp, artist's studio in internment camp, officer's room at prison camp, train, and a German cannon. Also includes an image of soldiers and Allied troops captioned "They throw them bread." Places depicted include: Alsace (France), Angers (France), Aurillac (France), Brittany (France), Florina (Greece), Malta, Marne (France), Marseilles (France), Meuse (France), OrleĢans (France), Remiremont (France), Somme (France), and ThessalonikeĢ„ (Greece).

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