Album 021. Eastern Front : Greece, undated

Subjects include Serbian soldiers, Serbian women, peasants, troops, Serbian barber, Serbian refugees, gunners, Greek soldiers, Alpine battalion, French officers, "Colonial general," Serbian officers, Albanian man, Serbian engineers, fusiliers, "Typical Orientals," seamen, Greek refugees, wounded soldiers, Turk prisoners, Serbian camp, market, citadel, hospital, bridge, street scenes, kitchen, ramparts, wharf, munition shelter, Senegalese camp, English camp, village, monastery, construction of barracks, vaccinations for cholera, flat boat, transport boat, musketoons, horses, telephoto camera, training, well, distribution of water, bread, and soup, and a Macedonian fête. Places depicted include: Chalkidikē (Greece), Corfu Island (Greece), Lemnos Island (Greece), Macedonia, Thasos Island (Greece), and Thessaly (Greece).

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