Forest Theatre Daylighting Project

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Daylighting is an urban drainage design concept that converts a stormwater culvert into an open channel to improve stormwater management, water quality and reduce peak runoff volumes. Daylighting streams on the UNC campus can also assist the University's goal of reducing nutrient runoff to Jordan Lake. This report analyzes the options for daylighting a 450-foot section of stormwater drainage pipe near the Forest Theatre on the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill campus. The pipe discharges into Battle Branch Creek which empties into Bolin Creek eventually draining into Jordan Lake. This project analyzes alternative methods to transport the stormwater through the area, assesses the environmental and hydrologic benefits of these alternatives and determines the ecological benefits of a daylighted stream as compared to the current stormwater drainage culvert. An implementation plan was developed and total project costs were compared to the present value of future benefits.

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