H.008. Piedmont Industrialization: Piedmont, Miscellaneous

Interviews in this group reflect the theme of the "Perspectives on Industrialization: The Piedmont Crescent of Industry, 1900-1940" project, but either were not conducted in any of the original seven communities or were done after the completion of the original project. The project focuses on the impact of industrialization in seven main areas: Badin, Burlington, Bynum, Catawba County, Charlotte, and Durham, N.C., and Greenville, S.C. These interviews are with workers from the communities Carrboro, Greensboro, Gastonia, and Marion, N.C. Topics include the development of various industries in these regions, especially textiles, tobacco, hosiery, and furniture and the experiences of workers in these industries, both in their work and in daily life, including health, recreation, religion, family, education, and financial hardships.

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