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I.003. Business History: Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company

  • Embargoed Until: 2075-01-01

These 61 interviews with 51 individuals selected by the Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company were designed to unearth and preserve knowledge about the company, the families in positions of leadership, the industry, and the region. Hickory Springs Manufacturing Company, founded in 1944 in Hickory, N.C., produces a wide range of bedding and upholstered furniture products, including metal and foam parts and various types of hardware. In 1998, it consisted of 56 plants in 14 states and had a workforce of 3,600 employees. The company was distinguished by an unusually low employee turnover rate. Three of the company's top executives--Bobby Bush, Jr., vice-president of the Foam Products Division; Rob Simmons, director of the International Department; and Jack Finegan, corporate director of communications--conceived the idea of conducting an oral history project. In 1997, they began working with the Southern Oral History Program to design the project. The Program supervised an independent researcher, Anne Radford Phillips, as she conducted interviews with individuals selected by Hickory Springs.

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