Album 028. Saloniki, undated

Subjects include a German aviator, gunners, artillery men, wounded soldiers, Algerians, Albanian refugees, Italian troops, Africans, Russian regiment, engineers, Spahi (Algerian cavalry), English artillery men, Russian band, English band, English soldiers, Zouaves, "natives of Madagascar," Greek troops, ruins, camp kitchen, Bulgarian trench, cavalry station, digging of trenches, German plane, remains of a zeppelin, munition wagons, supply wagons, burial of a French soldier, a fête for wounded, battery, English convoy, artillery convoy, horses, Catholic mass, shells exploding, artifacts found in ruins, bridge construction, mules, tents, soldiers showering, Greek convoy, march, supply train, defense works, a general decorating soldiers, and a bivouac shelter. Places depicted include: Thessalonikē (Greece).

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