Communications Committee Annual Report
University Managers Association
1998 - 1999

Committee Members

Sharon Bowers, Chair, Physical Education, Exercise & Sport Science

Michael Phillips, Academic Technology & Networks

Frances Hess, Carolina Environmental Program

Nadine Kinsey, History

Bob Dermody, Administrative Information Services

Charge: Coordinates materials (newsletter, special mailings, list serve, home page, etc.) that are distributed to the active membership. Keeps membership updated on all activities of the Association. An update report is given at the annual meeting and written report given to Secretary.

Newsletter "NewsSurge" - The newsletter has been published on a quarterly basis. Sections included this year have been Member Notes, Committee Reports, and Training Opportunities.

List Serve - The List Serve has been maintained and updated on a regular basis to include all active members of UMA.

Home Page - Our page has taken on a new look this year. It now includes the newly approved logo for UMA. Also updated on a regular basis, it includes the Board of Directors, membership list, on-line application form, etc.

Brochure - A new professional color brochure was designed and printed this year. It includes the background/history of UMA, goals, opportunities, eligibility requirements and a membership application.

Social Events - As a recommendation to get members more involved, a social lunch was organized to take place the first Friday of each month at the Top of Lenior. This allows members to meet colleagues, socialize in a non-business atmosphere and enjoy the fellowship.

Special Recognition: The Committee wishes to recognize the outstanding efforts of Michael Phillips and Frances Hess this year. Michael has worked very hard in updating the home page, creating a new logo for UMA and preparing final copy of the newsletter for printing. Francesí efforts in preparing the draft copy of the brochure, working with the printer, tracking down reasonable photos, etc., were extraordinary in patience, dedication and professionalism.

As Chair, I extend my sincere appreciation and thanks to all the members of the committee for their commitment and dedication this year. Through their efforts, the Communications Committee had a very productive and successful year.

Submitted by
Sharon Bowers