Membership Period January 1, 2005-December 31, 2005

Please complete the application below and submit it, along with payment of dues, to the treasurer. You may a) print the form and complete it or b) complete it online and select your browser's print function. Your membership will be activated when both the form and dues are received. Welcome to UMA!
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Membership Eligibilty

Induction to active membership shall be limited to permanent employees of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or its constituent entities who meet one or more of the qualifications listed below.
If you're a first time applicant, please check all that apply:
Have graduated from the University Management Development Program; 
Are otherwise eligible for the University Management Development Program and have completed a similar program approved by the Board of Directors; 
Hold a managerial position or perform managerial functions. For purposes of this section, "manager" shall be defined as, "a person who has supervisory responsibility for technical, professional, administrative or supervisory employees. A manager may also be a person who does not supervise a staff person, but whose responsibilities include such managerial functions as planning, evaluation, coordination or consultation. A manager is responsible for the performance of a unit whether or not supervisory responsibilies are included." 

Please print this form and mail your completed application and a check for $15 ($10 for retirees) to:
UMA, CB# 3223

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Last update: May 2005