Conference Objectives

The Carolina Women's Center, in partnership with the School of Social Work, the Office of Global Health in the School of Public Health, the Jordan Institute for Families, the Office of Research Development, and state and community partners will sponsor a national conference on the trafficking of women and children on April 7 & 8, 2006 in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

This conference, with the aid of national and international experts, continues the fight against commercial sexual exploitation of young women and children by raising public awareness to the human rights violations caused by trafficking including its mental and physical effects on its victims. In addition, the conference examines the demand side of the problem and its impact on local and global economics. The dynamic exchange of information and experience between speakers and participants will result in published proceedings that translate models of intervention into action-oriented approaches useful to first responders working with victims of these crimes.

Goals and Outcomes

  1. To educate and share information with participants
    Outcome - Publication of the conference proceedings
  2. To create and strengthen networks and coalitions
    Outcome - Support for the progress of the statewide task force
  3. To identify victim intervention models
    Outcome - Enumeration of successful victim intervention models
  4. To stimulate research
    Outcome - Development of a framework for a research agenda
  5. To influence policy
    Outcome - Articulation of a position statement to the North Carolina Governor recommending legislation that facilitates the eradication of sexual trafficking


National and international professionals in the following areas: health, mental health, social work, legal service, substance abuse, students, community members and policy makers addressing both domestic and international sexual trafficking issues.