Excellence In Management

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The Excellence in Management Award is presented annually to two University employees

in recognition of meritorious and distinguished accomplishments in management

at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

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Some factors you may consider in preparing
 your nomination justification for outstanding accomplishments include:


·         Effective allocation/reallocation of resources

·         Creative and resourceful budgeting

·         Utilization of technology

·         Visionary Leadership, taking the University
in new directions

·         Innovation, tapping new potential

·         Human resource management

·         Effective management of current functions/responsibilities


For the purposes of this award, management includes managing employee or student resources, financial
resources, or facilities and/or coordinating special
projects or efforts, such as leading a task force or an
ad hoc committee of a sizable nature.

Additional information regarding the nomination process:


·         Individuals eligible for nomination include permanent University employees (SPA, EPA Non-Faculty, and Faculty).

·         All University employees (including temporaries) and students are eligible to submit nominations.

·         Please type or print your justification on the reverse side of this sheet, or write your justification on one
8 1/2” x 11” piece of paper and attach it to this Nomination Form.  Please identify as clearly as possible the length of time the nominee has participated in the management activity for which he or she is being nominated.

·         Up to three letters of support will be accepted but are not required.

·         Upon request, the Office of Human Resources Employee Services Department will assist employees with preparing nominations.  For more information, contact Shelly O. Green at 962-1483 or email sogreen@email.unc.edu


  Nominations                                                                                                Please submit nominations to:

  must be received                                                                                     Shelly O. Green, Office Manager

  by July 2, 2004                                                                                 Employee Services Dept., CB# 1045

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Excellence In Management Award

Justification Form


This form may be used to nominate an individual for the Excellence in Management Award in lieu of attaching a separate justification.  Please consider the following questions in preparing your justification:

·         What specific management activity is the person being nominated for?  (Some examples of activities are listed on the previous page above).

·         Why does the nominee deserve recognition?  What features of his/her management activity make his/her accomplishments “meritorious and distinguished”?


I nominate        for the Excellence in Management Award for the following reasons: