February 21, 2002



Anne Aldridge, Chair

UMA Morale & Recognition committee

School of Nursing Advancement CB #7460


To the UMA Morale & Recognition Committee:


We would like to nominate Ann Edwards for the 2002 Manager of the Year Award.  Ann is the Director of the School of Medicine Human Resources Office.  She has been in this position for the last 17 years.   The School of Medicine is the largest single academic unit at the University. 


Ann makes decisions on be-half of the Dean, planning and implementing HR activities that have school wide impact.  Ann has put into place systems, policies, and procedures that facilitate Human Resources activities that include, but are not limited to, counseling, employment, and position management.  Ann investigates, problem solves, and mediates all levels of disputes and grievances.  As the Human Resources Office for the School of Medicine, our office is like a glass house, in that everything and everyone is scrutinized.  Ann expertly directs and navigates the SOM HR Office to eliminate situations that could potentially attract negative and controversial attention.   Ann not only makes difficult and sometimes unfavorable decisions, but she also has to convey the outcome diplomatically and professionally. 


Ann has been a pioneer in the decentralization of position classification and she has demonstrated exemplary management of the transition of position classification from the University to the School of Medicine.  Over the past six years the decentralization of position classification has included Laboratory Research and Office Support positions.  In addition, a school wide study of 218 Administrative positions was completed January 2002, providing the framework to further decentralize the classification of Administrative positions.


Ann is an outstanding manager providing a working environment that is flexible and conducive to career growth and autonomous working styles, as well as, giving the opportunity for personal growth.  For positions in the SOM HR office, Ann has the extraordinary talent of assessing people’s skills and abilities, and modifying positions to suit the individuals ability, while maintaining balance to meet organizational needs. 


Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of what Ann does in her job, numerous meritable acts go unnoticed and unmentioned.  These are the reasons we feel, that after many years of devotion and hard work in the SOM and the University, Ann deserves this award and recognition.  Thank you for the opportunity to nominate Ann Edwards, whom we feel is the best candidate for the 2002 Manager of the Year Award.


Sincerely,                                                                                                     Sincerely,



Sandi Crawford                                                                                         Charlene Williams

Assistant Director                                                                                     Classification Analyst

School of Medicine                                                                                   School of Medicine

Human Resources Office                                                                        Human Resources Office