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Sent: Tuesday, July 07, 2009 10:43 AM
To: Barbara Driscoll; Bharathwagan Iyengar; Cindy Shea; James L. Ward; Jim Ward; John Richardson; Josh Gurlitz; Julia Gohlke; Paulo Nery; Sherif Ghobrial; Thomas Henkel; Vasu Kilaru
Subject: Sustainability and CDC

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Attachments: Council resolution on Energy efficiency (2004-04-23_R-9)0001.pdf
Dear SC members.
At the last meeting I was asked to provide some thoughts on how to advance sustainability concepts into the development approval process and CDC procedure.
Here is my first attempt:
Our "anchor" could be Council resolution 2007-04-23/R-9 (copy attached) in which applicants are expected to incorporate a "20 % more energy efficient" feature into their plans. Currently this applies only to applicants seeking approval for rezoning with accompanying Special Use permit applications but I would like to investigate whether this could be modified to include all development applications.
ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air conditioning Engineers) has just revealed its new Building Energy Labeling Program ( which is being tested at the moment and should be ready by 2010.
It builds on and expands the Energy Star program and rates building "as designed" and "in operation" (one year later). It applies to new construct on as well as existing buildings. Ratings go from F (unsatisfactory) to A+ (Net-Zero Energy)
One possibility would be to include in the Management Plans for new developments participation in ASHRAE's Building EQ program. I also would like to see all existing Municipal Buildings being labeled under the program,
At the discretion of our chair we can discuss this further at our next or any future meetings.
See you next Tuesday.