Employee Appreciation Fair 1998

Employee Art Exhibit

The fair will feature an exhibit of artwork by University employees. The exhibit will include photographs, wall hangings, drawings, paintings, quilts, cross-stitch, dolls, inlaid tables, and jewelry. The following employees will have their work shown in this exhibit.

  • Pat Moroney
  • Boonie Marks
  • Pamela Fone
  • Bruce Thorn
  • Caroline Walters
  • Pam Rodiguez
  • Lucille Brooks
  • Lisa Phelps
  • Walter Fairbault
  • Theresa Bragg
  • Elizabeth Watts
  • Michael Blakebrough
  • Carolyn Cameron
  • Charlene Reiss
  • Jodi Fruth
  • Mandy Hollowell
  • Maureen Cladwell
  • Agna Boass
  • Teresa Mayse
  • Lyanne Kidd
  • Donna Quay

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