Brunnhilde HTML report


Input source (directory or disk image): /Volumes/projects/preservation_staging/uarms/40499_Tar_Heel_History_Society

Accession/identifier: 20190509_1_digital_40499

Brunnhilde version: brunnhilde 1.8.0

Siegfried version: siegfried 1.4.5 /usr/local/Cellar/siegfried/1.4.5/share/siegfried/pronom.sig (2016-02-05T17:41:10+11:00) identifiers: - pronom: DROID_SignatureFile_V84.xml; container-signature-20160121.xml

Siegfried command: sf -csv -hash md5 "/Volumes/projects/preservation_staging/uarms/40499_Tar_Heel_History_Society" > "/Volumes/projects/preservation_staging/uarms/submissionDocumentation/20190509_1_digital_40499/siegfried.csv"

Scan started: 2019-05-09 14:36:13.276305



Total files: 10

Total size: 11 MB

Years (last modified): 2019 - 2019

Earliest date: 2019-04-23T10:03:18-04:00

Latest date: 2019-04-24T09:54:59-04:00

File counts and contents

Calculated by hash value. Empty files are not counted in first three categories. Total files = distinct + duplicate + empty files.

Distinct files: 10

Distinct files with duplicates: 0

Duplicate files: 0

Empty files: 0

Format identification

Identified file formats: 2

Unidentified files: 0

Siegfried warnings: 0


Siegfried errors: 0

Virus scan report

----------- SCAN SUMMARY ----------- Known viruses: 6124339 Engine version: 0.100.0 Scanned directories: 1 Scanned files: 10 Infected files: 0 Data scanned: 10.93 MB Data read: 10.83 MB (ratio 1.01:1) Time: 37.244 sec (0 m 37 s) Date scanned: 2019-05-09 14:35:35.635026

Detailed reports

File formats

Format ID Count
Exchangeable Image File Format (Compressed) fmt/645 5
Raw JPEG Stream fmt/41 5

File format versions

Format ID Version Count
Exchangeable Image File Format (Compressed) fmt/645 2.2.1 5
Raw JPEG Stream fmt/41 5

MIME types

MIME type Count
image/jpeg 10

Last modified dates by year

Year Last Modified Count
2019 10


None found.


None found.


Duplicates are grouped by hash value.

None found.